4th-  Jeff Gordon

5th-  Karaoke

11th- Jerry Sorn

12th- Eric Henderson

18th- Donnie Long

19th- Joe Kirkpatrick

25th- Matt Aebi &

         Don Cole

​26th- Peter Day




1st-  Peter Day

2nd- Karaoke 7pm

        W/ DJ Steve

8th-  Chris Cornish

9th-  TBD

​15th- Donnie Long

​16th- Kevin Robinson

22nd- Eddie Smith

23rd- Jerry Sorn

29th- Jeff Gordon

30th- Matt Aebi

         Done Cole

Ever feel like performing and were too afraid? How many times have you stood in front of your mirror or were driving in your car singing your favorite song. Well here's your chance. Lets see what you have! On the first Saturday every month we're going to give you a chance to stretch your pipes. Come sing out loud and a have Great time!

For Booking Information Contact Mark Ledford 770.458.1015

​​Live Music and Karaoke

From 6pm-10pm Friday and Saturday nights come to life with live acoustic music from some of Atlanta's best musicians. From Country, Top 40, Pop hits, Motown, Blues and Rock-n-Roll they have it all. Come grab some pizza and some cool tunes. 


6th-  Chris Cornish

7th-  Karaoke 7pm

       W/ DJ Steve

13th- Donnie Long

14th- Eric Henderson

20th- Bob Nowicki

21st- Joe Kirkpatrick

27th- Jerry Sorn

28th- Matt Aebi

         Don Cole